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1098-T Tax Forms

1098-T Tax Forms

by Carolyn Jennings -
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1098-Ts were mailed for student enrolled in courses during Spring and/or Fall 2019.

We have been able to make the forms available now through Student Portal for you to view if we have a signed Office of Bursar & Student Accounts Electronic Consent Form on file. Any student that entered in Fall 2019 that signed a consent form you now can view a copy through the Student Portal under My Documents.  After in My Documents there will be a box that you will need to check in order for the documents to be available for view.

If one of the following applies, you may complete the attached form and return the signed form back to my attention: 

  • Spring 2019 was your first semester enrolled in courses
  • Fall 2019 was your first semester enrolled, but did not complete or return consent form
  • August or December 2019 Graduate (if you do not have access to the Student Portal, I can send a copy to your email)

Please return signed form by one of the following methods:

  • Email to
  • Fax to 434-200-5505
  • Drop off form to the front office at the college.

If you need assistance in regard to where and how to get to the 1098-T in Student Portal, please email me and I can send you instructions.



Carolyn Jennings

Bursar & Student Account Manager

Centra College of Nursing


Fax: 434.200.5505