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Students Transitioning to Online Learning

Students Transitioning to Online Learning

by Centra Moodle Admin -
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This message is for all active ADN and LPN students.

Since we are having classes online next week, I wanted you to be aware of some changes and information.

  1. A new section on the Student Resource page is available to you titled "Transitioning to Online Learning". This section has required items to conduct online learning, what netiquette means, resources for Microsoft Teams, and a help section with contact information for each application. This information may change as needed.

  2. Lectures and online meetings with faculty will be done over Microsoft Teams. Please take some time to download Microsoft Teams on a PC, iPad, and/or phone and login using your email account. If you need a password reset, let me know. You will be getting Microsoft Team invites to your classes sent to your emails within the next couple of days.
Your instructors are working to adjust their courses for online learning. Know that some things may change on their courses and the changes will be outlined for you. Periodically check your courses and understand the changes before Monday, March 23rd.

If you need to contact the Centra College staff, it would be best to send us an email. Our emails are listed on the front page under the "Contact Us" block.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Have a great day and stay safe.

Patrick Robrecht