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by Holly Puckett -
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Attention all students at Centra College:

Please be aware that we have a social media policy in the Student Catalog/Handbook in regards to professional conduct and communication. 

Please see the policy below:


Centra College acknowledges that social media (ie: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snap Chat, Instagram)  is one available form of communication among students.  Centra College supports the use of communication and collaboration via social media platforms, however, it is mandated that students adhere to the code of conduct policies outlined in the Student Catalog/Handbook for the Behavioral Expectations for Students while using any form of social media.  (Remember: Utilizing social media platforms enables one to disseminate information to an indefinite population beyond your group)

Centra College recognizes the social media guidelines defined below:

  • Respect: Respect your peers, colleagues, faculty and staff.  It is expected that students represent the college and the Centra Health organization in a positive fashion.  Do not share personal information of others without permission.  Utilize all HIPAA guidelines when posting photos and any information. 
  • Sharing of information on-line:  Be aware of what you post!  Students should obey the Centra College Honor Code while utilizing a social media platform.  Students could be responsible for the content displayed or shared that violates federal or state legislatures. 
  • Accessibility:  Students should be aware that information posted can be viewed indefinitely.  Comments and/or screenshots can be copied and forwarded to other parties.

*Note: If at any time, a student violates the Social Media Policy, the student will be held accountable for their actions and could result in program dismissal.


*Some additional factors to be considered are to maintain professionalism within any social media platform.  This includes the following:

  • Unprofessional  communication on any social media platform may affect employment opportunities.
  • Please refrain from discussions among other students related to tests items (this could lead to potential honor code violations or even dismissal from the program).
  • Please be mindful, civil, and professional with all communication as Centra monitors social media platforms.


Dr. Puckett/Dr. Grant