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Co-requisite Official Transcripts

Co-requisite Official Transcripts

by Paige Tucker -
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Good afternoon all-

This is a reminder to all currently enrolled students that official transcript copies for all required co-requisite courses will need to be mailed to my attention each semester for credit. Failure to receive required co-req credit will result in not starting the next semester or failure to graduate from the program. If you have questions regarding credits that were transferred in for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to me for clarification. Please reference below for your program requirements:


1st semester-

  •         BIO 100 (BIO141/142)
  •         PSY 230


1st semester-

  •         BIO 142

2nd semester-

  •         PSY 200

3rd semester-

  •         ENG 111

4th semester-

  •         ENG 112


  •         Statistics
  •         15 additional elective credits 


  • certificate of completion for a Nurse Residency Program


Due to COVID-19, a new grading policy has been enacted throughout the VCCS. Students can choose whether they would prefer their letter grade or a P+/P/P- grading scale listed on their transcripts. To successfully complete your co-requisite course, you will need to show a grade of ‘C’ or better or a P+/P on an official transcript. Grades of ‘D’ or lower or a P- will not be accepted, and the course will have to be repeated.

Students that need to register for a course or apply to CVCC can reach out to Ashley Pearson at CVCC at