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Summer PN Students-Behavioral Expectations and Social Media

Summer PN Students-Behavioral Expectations and Social Media

by Dana Grant -
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All PN students: 

I have received feedback recently about a variety of issues related to student behavior during online learning. For example: Students working while attending virtual class, inappropriate comments made with the mic on during course time, inappropriate testing place and lack of preparation with technology issues. In addition, negative comments about faculty and in general about the college on social media has been noted. 

As we continue in the online environment due to COVID-19, all students should be getting accustomed to the learning expectations. Students must be accountable and professional regarding all facets of learning.  In addition, students must be respectful to the college and all staff, faculty and administration. This is a professional behavioral expectation. 

Please review the below  Behavioral Expectations for Students Policy and Social Media Policy found in the Student Handbook. These expectations are imperative for all nursing students and failure to comply to the expectations can lead to dismissal from the program. 



Centra College acknowledges that social media (ie: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snap Chat, Instagram) is one available form of communication among students. Centra College supports the use of communication and collaboration via social media platforms, however, it is mandated that students adhere to the code of conduct policies outlined in the Student 110 Catalog/Handbook for the Behavioral Expectations for Students while using any form of social media (Remember: Utilizing social media platforms enables one to disseminate information to an indefinite population beyond your group). Centra College recognizes the social media guidelines defined below:

• Respect: Respect your peers, colleagues, faculty and staff. It is expected that students represent the college and the Centra Health organization in a positive fashion. Do not share personal information of others without permission. Utilize all HIPAA guidelines when posting photos and any information.

• Sharing of information on-line: Be aware of what you post! Students should obey the Centra College Honor Code while utilizing a social media platform. Students could be responsible for content displayed or shared that violates federal or state legislatures.

• Accessibility: Students should be aware that information posted can be viewed indefinitely. Comments and/or screenshots can be copied and forwarded to other parties. *Note: If at any time, a student violates the Social Media Policy, the student will be held accountable for their actions and could result in program dismissal.


The student is considered a responsible adult and is expected to behave in an appropriate manner. Guidelines and regulations governing expected conduct are developed by student representatives, faculty and administration, and are published in the Catalog/Student Handbook. Among other things, students must comply with the below standards:

Behavioral/Emotional Conduct • Students must possess the ability to fully utilize their intellectual abilities, to exercise good judgment, to complete all responsibilities attendant to the diagnosis and care of patients, families, etc. • Students must be able to maintain mature, sensitive and effective relationships with patients, other students, faculty, staff and other professionals under all circumstances, including highly stressful situations. • Students must have the ability to function effectively under stress and to adapt to an environment that may change rapidly without warning and/or in unpredictable ways. • Students must be able to experience empathy for the situations and circumstances of others and effectively communicate that empathy. • Students must know that their values, attitudes, beliefs, and emotional experiences affect their perceptions and relationships with others and use that knowledge in interpersonal communications. • Students must be willing and able to examine and change their behavior when it interferes with productive individual or team relationships. • Students must possess the skills and experience necessary for effective and harmonious relationships in diverse academic, cultural and work/study environments. • Interpersonal conflicts, tension, and incivility will not be tolerated in any way, shape, form, or manner with other students or faculty.

Professional Conduct • Students must be able to reason morally and practice nursing in an ethical manner. • Students must be willing to learn and abide by the professional standards of practice defined by the discipline. • Students must possess attributes that include compassion, empathy, altruism, integrity, honesty, responsibility, respect, accountability and tolerance. • Students must be able to engage in patient care delivery in all settings; to deliver care to all patient populations including but not limited to children, adolescents, adults, developmentally challenged persons, medically compromised patients and vulnerable adults.


Dr. Grant