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Summer Clinical-Mandatory Read

Summer Clinical-Mandatory Read

by Dana Grant -
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Hello Summer PN Students, 

This is just a quick reminder for those who are currently doing clinical rotations. At Centra, we are still adhering to the CDC guidelines, which includes social distancing and limiting large group gatherings. We understand that this can be somewhat difficult with larger groups of students, but please understand the importance of this requirement, as it not only impacts you, but it also compromises the health and safety of our caregivers and patients. The tables and chairs in our hospital cafeterias have been moved to accommodate the six feet apart social distancing requirement. We ask that students and instructors DO NOT MOVE the tables and chairs to accommodate large group discussions.  

The safety of our students, patients, and staff remains our highest priority. We understand that teaching may look different for a while as we adjust to a new ‘normal.’

Take Care, 

Casey Bragg, M.Ed.

Coordinator, Clinical Student Engagement

Centra Health