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Making Payments Online through Student Portal

Making Payments Online through Student Portal

by Carolyn Jennings -
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All Students:

Several students have been asking where to make payments on their student account online.  The following information will direct students how to make a payment online:

  • Log into Student Portal
  • Click "My Ledger" in the left banner
  • On "My Ledger" at the bottom right of section there is an icon for Payment Online.
  • Click Payment Online icon
  • Next screen enter your payment information and payment amount
  • Submit.

The payment will then be reflected on your account ledger.

If you receive an error message, it is usually because the card has a "cap limit" for an online transaction.  Contact your bank and let them know you are trying to make payment on your account and the amount.  Normally within 20 minutes you should be able to retry making your payment with no issues.

If you have any questions regarding making payments online, please contact me.

Thank you,

Carolyn Jennings

Bursar and Student Account Manager