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by Amy Patton -
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Good morning!

The SGA is hosting 2 different projects...Covid has been devastating for some families in our area and we would like to give back. This began last week with our blood drive (over 30 units!!!). Now we turn to the holidays...there are 2 tables set up in the lobby:

1. Food Drive- this year we will donate to the Park Avenue Mission. They have many families that they feed so let's do something amazing! We would love to see our boxes filled with food items. There is a list of items needed at the table and I have attached it here.

2. Cards for the Long Term Care residents- another table is in the front area of the school for making cards for the residents. We have paper and markers (stickers, too). Please write a quick note to our elderly community! We have alcohol pads to wipe the markers down after use.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Mrs. Patton for the SGA committee