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Spring 2021 Consortium Agreement

Spring 2021 Consortium Agreement

by Vivian Carrera -
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All Students, 

If you will be taking pre-req CVCC courses for the Spring 2021 semester along with your Centra College courses, you may want to consider the possibility of entering into a Consortium Agreement. Please note this is only applicable if you have submitted your FAFSA are already eligible for federal financial aid (i.e. no pending reviews, you have not met your aid limit, etc). 

A consortium agreement would allow me to include your CVCC credits along with your credits here to determine your federal financial aid eligibility. Your CVCC courses need to be a part of your degree plan in order for it to qualify for this agreement. 

If you are interested, please visit > Centra Moodle > Student Resources page link (top of Student Services banner) >  Financial Aid & Scholarship Info > Financial Aid with Other Colleges > link under Financial Aid with Other Colleges. 

You will need to print out and sign the form, and send it to CVCC once you complete Section I. Once the form has been filled out both by you and CVCC, you will need to bring the form back to me along with a copy of your course schedule or an unofficial transcript. After you complete your course at CVCC, I will need an official transcript showing your grade received for the course.

Please note that this is a contract between the student, Centra College, and CVCC to help you get the most out of your federal financial aid. It is your responsibility to turn in your required documents and to ensure the payment arrangements are made with CVCC to maintain eligibility. A new contract would be required each semester you want to participate in the agreement.

Please send your questions and documents to and I will be happy to help you!

Thank you, 

Vivian Carrera

Financial Aid & Enrollment Manager