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Graduation December 2020

Graduation December 2020

by Holly Puckett -
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December 2020/August 2020 Graduates, 

Good morning!  I know all of you have received the recent changes to the graduation plans and I feel it best to further explain the reasoning in what has transpired.  

  1. Our graduation ceremony is unique in that speakers will be addressing the graduates via MS TEAMS.  This will be live streamed and available to all on MS TEAMS.  The link provided can be sent to any family member or friend you would like to view the ceremony.  MS Teams app is easily downloadable on phones, laptops, IPADs, etc. 
  2. Our graduation is unique in that we honor state mandates as well as support Centra in limiting the number of people outside the front of the college as well as limiting the number of graduate cars/families in cars to 10 at a time.  Graduation may take a little longer but you will still receive your diplomas, pins, gifts and it will be MEANINGFUL.
  3. Our graduation is unique in that we ARE HAVING ONE!  Many schools have put graduations on hold for a year or cancelled them entirely!  We elected to proceed with a virtual/drive-up ceremony so that you can have the closure of completing the program and receiving your diploma and pin on the 18th!
  4. Our Centra leaders are very supportive of Centra College and have looked forward to speaking at graduation.  Yes, we would prefer to have them and myself standing at the podium too, but we are still in the midst of a rising COVID pandemic that has claimed the lives of 300,000 thus far across the nation.
  5. For those that may have any further concerns, please reach out to me.  


Dr. Puckett