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eHealthcare and Promise Point Modules

eHealthcare and Promise Point Modules

by Ashley Camm -
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Continuing students- Congrats on completing or nearing completion of the Fall 2020 semester! Please be sure to log into eHealthcare and complete any modules that you have due. As a reminder, eHealthcare modules are added throughout the year for all Centra employees, volunteers, and students. Please get them all done as soon as possible.

New Students for Spring 2021- Please remember to complete all eHealthcare and Promise Point modules by January 11, 2021. The Promise Point modules are titled "Acute RN Student" and are the same for ADN students and PN students.

December Graduates-  CONGRATULATIONS on reaching the finish line! We are so proud of you!!

Happy Holidays everyone! Enjoy your break and stay safe. Please let me know if you have any questions!