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Dress Code Reminder

Dress Code Reminder

by Ashley Henry -
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Happy Friday, Students!

Just a reminder of the dress code policy on page 135 in the Student Handbook: 

  • Students are to dress for clinical in the official College, specific program, uniform. For the ADN Program, this is all teal color scrubs. For the PN Program, this is a white top and navy blue bottoms. 
  • Centra College badge must be worn at all times in lab and clinical. 
  • No jewelry is permitted with the uniform except a watch, an engagement and/or wedding band, and small earrings (¼ inch or less). A maximum of two small stud earrings (1/4 inch or less) per ear is allowed. No other pierced body parts shall be visible with the exception of a tragus or small nose STUD piercing. (Jewelry on the tongue, eyebrows, and upper lip will need to be removed.)
  • A white lab coat may be worn with the uniform. Sport sweaters and jackets are not acceptable.
  • Students working in a department where a special uniform is worn must conform to the policy of that department.
  • Appropriate street clothes may be worn by students on specified clinical rotations.

If a student is not following the dress code, they will be sent home. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to your Faculty Instructor or Academic Director. 

Thank you,

Mrs. Henry