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Virtual Learning Environment, Attendance, and Behavioral Expectations

Virtual Learning Environment, Attendance, and Behavioral Expectations

by Holly Puckett -
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As we are almost at the mid-point of the semester, I have received feedback and would like to reinforce attendance, behavioral expectations, and professionalism at Centra College. 

It is expected that all students follow the Virtual Learning Environment and Expectations while we are virtual through this pandemic.  The following expectations of this policy are as follows:

  • Be prepared to start on time. 
  • Create a space for virtual learning to avoid a distracting background and background noise. 
  • Join the meeting automatically muted. Unmute your microphone when asking a question or needing to speak and mute again once you are done. 
  • At the instructor’s discretion, students are to engage in the virtual learning environment by being visually present (video) during classes or meetings. 
  • Communicate with their instructors and peers using respectful and appropriate language and behaviors. 
  • Maintain a schedule free of conflicts, such as work or appointments, during scheduled classes and meetings. 
  • Avoid multi-tasking during scheduled classes and meetings. Do not conduct activities that would not be acceptable in a traditional classroom setting. 
  • Follow the Behavioral Expectations for Students policy listed in the Student Catalog and Handbook. 
  • Follow the Dress Code policy specific to dress for class listed in the Student Catalog and Handbook.

*Attendance is outlined in your syllabus and should be followed at all times in any course.  The expectations for attendance is as follows:


The student is expected to attend all classroom, laboratory and clinical experiences in order fulfill the course objectives and to take advantage of all learning opportunities. Appointments, work, or other personal occasions are not to be scheduled during these times.

 In the event of a class absence, the student is responsible for all missed content and assignments.  Tardiness* to class (or leaving early) is disruptive and will be included as absent time.   Any absence for more than 3 consecutive days will require a note from a physician.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Dr. Puckett