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Tuition Balances and Non-Paid Kaplan Accounts

Tuition Balances and Non-Paid Kaplan Accounts

by Carolyn Jennings -
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All Spring 2021 Students Tuition Balances & Non-Paid Kaplan Accounts

Student Tuition Accounts have been reviewed for past due balances.

Students can view their Centra College Student Account Overall Balances through signing into Student Portal>My Ledger and make payment online.


  • IPPs - Will be reviewed for up-to-date payments.
  • Student Tuition Account Balance – Students with outstanding balances on accounts will have access to courses restricted on Thursday, March 4th at 4:00 pm.


  • Kaplan Account Balances - Kaplan account balances are due no later than Monday, March 1st .  Students must pay directly to Kaplan through their student Kaplan Account.  The college will receive a list of Non-Paid Kaplan Student with dates of deactivation due to non-payment.  Students with deactivated Kaplan accounts will have access restricted to courses.

Students must resolve balances owed to avoid the loss of access to their courses which can impact assignments and grades.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

Carolyn Jennings

Bursar & Student Account Manager