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Mascot Announcement

Mascot Announcement

by Cathy Armes -
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The new Centra College mascot is the Nightingale!  

Here are some of the descriptions for this mascot:

Nightingale - "Florence Nightingale laid the foundation for nursing as we know it today and created the first school of nursing. It makes sense that a college of nursing would pay homage to her great influence. Also, the nightingale bird is best known for it's beautiful and powerful song. I like to think that has a meaningful parallel to the act of nursing." (Lindsey Morris)  "This would be a good mascot because it come from Florence Nightingale who set a standard for a lot of [interventions] we still use in nursing today! The nightingale represents virtue and goodness which are qualities a nurse should have. As a nurse, you have to show virtue, meaning you have to represent a behavior of high moral standards, which relates back to the code of ethics for nurses.......The nightingale represents a voice of nature and as a nurse you are an advocate for your patient. So, in a way you are their voice sometimes." (McKenzie Hawkins) “It plays on the last name of Florence Nightingale, and is also a symbol for inspiration…” (Andrea Bowling)

We will now be seeking an original visual representation of the nightingale bird for the symbol.   If you are an artist and want to provide an original drawing for the college to use, please see one of the SGA Faculty Advisors (Cathy Armes, Amy Patton, Renee Van Bergen, Ashley Foster, or Meghan Staton).

Thank you to all who placed a vote for the mascot!