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Fall Break

Fall Break

by Holly Puckett -
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As a reminder, Fall Break will take place October 18th and 19th, Monday and Tuesday next week.  The college will be closed to the public during those two dates.  Should you need to reach out to anyone, please send an e-mail and we will kindly reply upon return. 

A few additional announcements:

  •  There has been another ExamSoft update: For all ADN and PN students that did not take an exam today 10/15, please uninstall the Examplify app.  When you uninstall the app, you should not see the app on your iPad, this is how you will know if you completed the uninstall process correctly.  Make sure you reinstall the app (Version 4.4.1) as soon as you uninstall it from your iPad.  You can locate the app in your App Store found on your iPad.  Please complete this task as soon as you are able to. 
  • Last date to W/D from a course or courses without a grade penalty is Tuesday, 10/19. 

Thank you!

Dr. Puckett