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COVID Mitigation Strategies

COVID Mitigation Strategies

by Heather Gable -
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Hello Students,

We want to maintain the safety of everyone here at the college. Due to the increased number of COVID cases in our region, we adjusted the access and usage of two areas in the building. The goal is to avoid multiple students in a small, restricted space and congregating while masks are removed.

Study Center: This area is closed to all students. If you need to print, you will need to use Room 164 when it is not in use.

Student Lounge: This area is available for vending and bathroom use only.

These restrictions will remain in place until February 1, 2022. At this time, we will reassess the number of COVID cases, and access will continue to be limited or discontinued.

Please continue to be diligent by wearing a mask, social distancing, avoiding congregating in common areas, and using proper hand hygiene.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we adjust to these changes.

Thank you,

Dr. Heather Gable