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Attendance Policy Reminder

Attendance Policy Reminder

by Holly Puckett -
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Please remember that being on time (not tardy) for class, clinical, laboratory, and simulation is an expectation for all students on each given weekday!  Tardiness is defined as arriving after the scheduled time.  Appointments, work, or other personal experiences are not to be scheduled during these times.  Any pre-arranged appointments that will interfere with the class schedule must be rescheduled. Any absence for more than 3 consecutive days will require a scheduled appointment with the Academic Director.  Any tardiness to clinical areas will require a phone notification to the facility and/or the supervising instructor. Any instance where a student is sent home from clinical due to poor clinical preparation or tardiness will be counted as a clinical absence.  Remember when someone is tardy, others are typically waiting for that individual to arrive.  We must be respectful of all and be prompt!  Please review the Disciplinary Action process outlined in the Student Catalog/Handbook regarding behavioral expectations as this will be followed.

Dr. Puckett