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Financial Arrangements Deadline Date for Fall 2022

Financial Arrangements Deadline Date for Fall 2022

by Carolyn Jennings -
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Fall 2022 charges have been posted to students’ accounts and can be viewed in Student Portal under “My Ledger”. Students must make adequate payment arrangements by August 8, 2022 to avoid a $50 late fee, dropped courses, and access to Moodle restricted. Adequate payment arrangements include:

 Having sufficient financial aid on the account to cover the balance,

  • Paying the balance in full, or
  • Submitting a payment plan application (see “Payment Plans” below).

 If your financial aid is not accepted and showing toward your balance, is not sufficient to cover the full balance, or if you plan on paying out of pocket for all or a portion of your balance, you must either apply for a payment plan or pay your balance in full by the August 8, 2022 payment arrangement deadline. Payments can be made through the Student Portal under “My Ledger.”

 Payment Plans

 The Centra College Payment Plan Application can be found on the left side of the Moodle Homepage and under the Billing/Student Accounts section of Student Resources. If a student chooses to apply for a payment plan and is approved, a $25 payment plan fee will be applied to the student’s account for the semester and a Payment Plan Agreement (PPA) will be sent to the student with details regarding the conditions and payment amounts.  The student will then be responsible to sign and submit the PPA along with the initial payment. All payments can be made through the Student Portal under “My Ledger.” 

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