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Password Reset for Student CH#'s

Password Reset for Student CH#'s

by Ashley Camm -
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If the password for your CH# was set up prior to March 2022, you will be required to reset your password beginning Wednesday, August 10th. The new password must be a minimum of 14 characters and will require a reset every 365 days. Once you have returned to a Centra facility for class or clinical, you can reset your password using the instructions below. Summer students- you can do this as soon as Wednesday (8/10). Returning Fall students- you will do this once you are back for classes.

Instructions (must be using Centra computer/network):

  1.  Log into a Centra computer and click on Ctrl + Alt + Delete on the keyboard and click Change Password.


  1. Go to CentraPeople > Storefront Apps Only under Global Links
         Once Logged in, click the drop down arrow next to your name in the top right hand corner, choose change password.

Thank you!

Mrs. Camm