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Virginia Board of Nursing

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It has come to my attention that there are some concerns and discussions among the students regarding our "approval standing" with the Va Board of Nursing. Let me update everyone and try to alleviate any concerns you may have.

When new programs are initiated they are given "provisional approval". This "provisional approval" is given to new programs until they have NCLEX pass rates above 80% in an academic year.(Dec & May graduates)

CCON Year one report: Dec  2012 graduates: no graduates; May 2013: below 80%

CCON Year two report: Dec. 2013 graduates: below 80%; May 2014 graduates: above 80% (Year total remained below 80%)

Since there were two cycle reports that were below 80%, an NCLEX Success action plan was written and put in place to increase pass rates. Some of the strategies implemented were: increasing "select all that apply" questions, "no rounding" policy, Kaplan 4 day live review for graduates, Kaplan integration with the incoming cohorts, remediation times, NCLEX Success Sessions, test taking strategies, and simulation/skills remediation. Mrs. Wormser and I presented this action plan along with the December 2014 NCLEX pass rates to the Virginia Board of Nursing in March. The NCLEX Success action plan was well received by the VBON and we were granted "conditional approval".

CCON Year three report: Dec 2014 graduates: currently we are at 100%; May 2015 graduates: (we expect a high pass rate)

Since we are on the right track and improving our NCLEX pass rates, the Va Board of Nursing scheduled our site visit for "full approval" Oct 27th - 29th, 2015.

We are on target for our final site visit to obtain "full approval". If anyone has any questions regarding this please do not hestiate to come see me for futher clarification.

Respectfully submitted, Dr Melody Sharp