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Reminder to all students regarding for student parking

Reminder to all students regarding for student parking

by Carolyn Jennings -
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Any student that is reported parking, by other students or employees, parking in spaces at CCON or any Centra facilities will be forwarded to Centra Security. Centra Security also does random checks within parking lots and students can be issues a Lynchburg City Ticket without any warning.  These tickets are $30 and have to be paid to the City, not Centra.

Recently it was brought to our attention that students have been parking in "yellow lined" spaces at CCON which are for faculty, staff and visitors. These are NOT Student parking spaces. Students parking is within the "white lined" spaces at CCON.  

Note: If you have not supplied your vehicle information (Model/Make/License Plate Number), a check will be done on the license plate number and if vehicle is found to belong to a student you will still receive a ticket.  

Be sure that you are parking in a "white lined” parking space that is designated for student parking to prevent receiving a parking ticket.

Below is the section from Student Handbook (p76) regarding Parking:


A. Students have ample parking available at the College of Nursing. Students are instructed to park in the spaces with white lines and leave the yellow line spaces for faculty and staff.

B. The College accepts no responsibility for theft or damage to employees' or students' vehicles. Report such a matter to the local police immediately.

C. Parking in the handicap spaces without the proper permit could result in a ticket issued by the City Police.

D. Students must file a Car Registration Form with the College office giving all required information.

Below is the section posted on Moodle for all new incoming students each semester:

Parking Information & Maps 

Parking:  Student parking at the college is in the “white line” spaces only.  The “yellow line” spaces are for employee parking. 

 Attached is parking maps for designated parking for students when at Lynchburg General Hospital and Virginia Baptist Hospital for when on clinical. Please be sure toreview the areas for student parking.  Spaces for employees or hospital patient visitors are indicated on the maps and are not for students, if you park in one of these areas you will receive a Lynchburg City Parking Ticket. 

LGH Parking MapFile 

VBH Parking MapFile