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Kaplan Log-In Issues

Kaplan Log-In Issues

by Centra Moodle Admin -
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Dear Students,

Some students have had issues signing into Kaplan to pay for Kaplan's programs. This is an issue on Kaplan's end when they transferred our student files into a program called KapTest. If students are having issues with Kaplan, they are advised to call Kaplan and provide their CCON Gmail account to have the issue fixed. The number for Kaplan is 1-800-527-8378. Once in, students are advised to select the following options in this order: #3 will get students to customer service, #4 will get students to the specific Nursing course help, and #3 will get students to general service about their accounts. Once a student is in and talking a representative, the student may also make a payment over the phone once the email issue has been solved. We advise students to keep this number for any further issues they may have with Kaplan's services.


Patrick Robrecht