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Attn: Incoming ADN 200 and 300 Level Course Registration Reminder & Other Info.

Attn: Incoming ADN 200 and 300 Level Course Registration Reminder & Other Info.

by Centra Moodle Admin -
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This message is for the students who will be in the 200 and 300 level ADN program for the Spring 2018 semester. 

This is a reminder that registration for Spring 2018 200 and 300 level classes will take place tomorrow (December 15th) at 8:00 AM. Students will sign into Moodle, use the Spring 2018 link on the front page (which will be made available at 8:00 AM) and sign up for their classes using the following course codes:

  • 200 Level = ccon200
  • 300 Level = ccon300
Once a student sees the course homepage, that student has successfully signed up for classes. Remember: when a student signs up for one section of a course, that student will then be placed in the second course of the same section. CCON Staff will be working on enrolling students the following week once everyone has settled into their course. The instructor's name, class days, and class times are all posted in the course title for your convenience. If a student signs up for the wrong class, there will be an "Unenroll me" button available in your enrolled classes. Students may use that to sign out of one and into another, but they do loose their place once they unenroll from a course.

Advance Placement students going into the 200 level this Spring 2018, if you are taking the daytime 200 level classes, you are asked to self-enroll tomorrow. The number of students able to enroll in courses tomorrow has been adjusted to include those in the Adv. Placement classes who are joining the 200 level cohort this Spring. Those who are joining the Nights/Weekends cohort are asked to NOT self-enroll tomorrow. CCON Staff will enroll you in your courses along with the Nights/Weekends cohort.

A message for students who are repeating an ADN 200 or 300 course this upcoming Spring 2018 semester.

Students who are repeating a 200 or 300 level ADN course for this Spring 2018 semester are asked to NOT self-enroll tomorrow. Instead, those students are to send a direct Moodle message to me (Patrick Robrecht) with the course title and which section they prefer for the Spring 2018 semester. I will be putting students into their course according to the order in which your message was sent out. I will respond with a message saying I have received your inquiry and that your request is being processed. I will then send you another message as to which section we were able to put you in. I cannot guarantee the course section you prefer will be the section you get. It depends on when you send your message to me. Those who are repeating a course may send me this information at the time this message goes out.

I know all of you have worked hard and are happy to have finals over, the last thing you want to think about is signing up for classes again - I know I wouldn't. But stay strong, keep up the great work, and we'll get through this. If you have any technical questions about Moodle or an issue with the system, contact me at the number below. If you have other concerns about the schedule or anything aside from the directions above, please direct them to our front office and someone will assist you there.

Best wishes,
Patrick Robrecht