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Attention Incoming Students for Spring 2018 Orientation

Attention Incoming Students for Spring 2018 Orientation

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Hello Students!

It is almost time to start your journey with Centra College of Nursing. Just a reminder, we will be having Orientation tomorrow (January 4th) and Friday (January 5th) for all new students enrolling in the Spring 2018 ADN, LPN, and Adv. Pl. courses. Orientation will begin at 9, however we ask students to show up early to get signed in and have their student affairs in order before orientation (more information below). This message does contain a lot of information with multiple sections, we ask that you take some time and read through this entire message before attending orientation tomorrow.

Sign In on Thursday, January 4th

Again, orientation is tomorrow, January 4th, and Friday, January 5th. Doors will be open to students at 8:00 AM and orientation welcome will begin at 8:45 AM. Students will enter in the main building of Centra College of Nursing (closest to the Lynchburg Health Department) and sign in. There, students who are already fully accepted into the school will wait for the welcoming  orientation. Students who are considered conditional will be directed to talk with Kyle Marrero at the Registrar's Office located in Office #133, where they will complete and sign their enrollment agreement. These students are asked to have their official transcripts with them,and their $100 enrollment payment. Once the enrollment agreement is signed, students should then return to the front desk to pay their $100 enrollment fee. From there, these students will be directed back to the welcome orientation.

Events for Both Days

Many topics will be covered during the orientation. Topic from study habits and library resources, to parking at CCON. We try to cover as many topics as we can over the next two days to help you to be more prepared for the work to come. A full schedule and details of the day's events will be presented on that day.

Course Registration for ADN Students on Thursday, January 4th

After the events on Thursday, January 4th, ADN new students will be able to self-enroll in their courses. We will provide the time for self-enrollment tomorrow after everything is complete. The reason for enrollment being at the end is so we can process as many conditional students that morning. If conditional students do not have their transcripts and enrollment fee tomorrow, January 4th, they will not be able to enroll in courses until they are accepted students. Self-enrollment will remain open after tomorrow through the first week of classes. 

Below are two links that will help with self-enrollment. The first one is how to self-enroll on Moodle. It walks you through what to expect when self-enrolling. The second is a schedule of the 100 level ADN courses. Students are asked to look through the schedule and have which courses they want in mind when it comes time for registration. We also advise that students have a back-up course in case their first choice is full. We will do what we can to assist students on the technology side of registration, but it is up to the student to sign up for his/her courses. There are courses and labs that will conflict with other class and lab times, please be careful when looking over this and mapping out your courses. Information is available at the bottom of the schedule to assist you. There is a course code and there are lab codes on the schedule students will use to enroll in courses and labs.

We also ask that any student that has the means to bring a laptop tomorrow to orientation to do so. Due to the high volume of expected students entering in this semester, we do not have enough PCs in the computer labs for all students to have during enrollment. Students may self-enroll on their own laptop devices tomorrow. It is advised against using a cell phone to register for classes.This is only for new ADN students.

ADN students who are also enrolled in CVCC BIO 142 at the Main Campus this Spring, we understand that this class conflicts with much of the schedule presented below, which is why we will be enrolling those students in NUR 101 Section 1 from 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM Monday and Tuesday. Those students will have to enroll in their other three courses (N101 Lab, N102, and N102 Lab) but we will have those students taking BIO 142 at CVCC already enrolled.

We look forward to seeing all of the new ADN, LPN, and ADV. PL. students tomorrow!


Moodle Self-Enrollment

ADN 100 Level Course Schedule