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Reminders for all students, staff, and faculty

Reminders for all students, staff, and faculty

by Paige Tucker -
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I want to put out some friendly reminders about policies that are in place here at CCON. Mistakes happen, but let’s try to make CCON the best it can possibly be! *This post is long, but read it all thoroughly*

My first topic is the most important one: respect. Respect your instructors. Respect the staff assisting you. Respect your fellow students. Respect CCON property and clean up after yourself.



  • ·        As stated before and on our TV monitors in the College, badges are required to be on your person always. Don’t have your badge? Please see me at the front office to assist you. DO NOT piggyback into the College with other students, and DO NOT let others piggyback with you. Not everyone has access to our facilities and we ask this for the safety of you and everyone else here at CCON.
  • ·         Only YOU are allowed access with your badge. Other friends, family, colleagues, etc. that are not CCON students are not allowed access past the lobby.


  • ·        When printing PowerPoints print MULTIPLE SLIDES per page NOT single slides. Unsure how to change this setting? Give me a visit and I will be happy to help you!
  • ·        Be patient when printing. Please do not click print multiple times and have multiple copies you will not use. It is an unnecessary waste of paper, and continuing to leave discarded papers thrown around the labs and study will not be tolerated.
  • ·        Centra has implemented a new toner program this year, and with this I no longer will be able to order toner. When a lab runs out (must run out completely, not just low status) it will notify HP and a technician will be out to service the machine. So please be patient with us and them!


Thank you for taking the time to review this information. If anyone has any follow up questions please feel free to stop by my office or email me at