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SGA Reps and Alternates

SGA Reps and Alternates

by Amy Patton -
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Hi students-

First, thank you for your participation in the voting. The votes were all very close which says that you all chose your nominees very well! Here is the list of SGA reps and alternates for 2018:


100- Richard Sink (rep) and Alexis King (alt)

200- Paula Grant (rep) and Jessica Shumaker (alt)

        PM class- Felicity Hale (rep) and Rayna Ford (alt)

300 Grace Boyer (rep) and Shamika Tanner

400 Jeff Wade (rep) and Tobias Deloatch (alt)


100 Mandy Peake Furguson (rep) and Chantel West White (alt)

200 Chenoa Blodgett

Congrats to these folks! The SGA Committee will be sending a doodle poll to each of you to find a day and time that works for most so that we can get together for the first meeting. All reps and alternates are invited! Stay tuned for details.

Mrs. Patton

SGA Committee