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Student Resources Page

Student Resources Page

by Centra Moodle Admin -
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Hello Students!

Hope your summer is going well. 

We have made some adjustments to the Student Resource page on Moodle. The layout is a bit different and we've added in some information. Some new additions are as follows:

  • Textbooks: We've added links for the new 100 level textbooks and have coupons for those who need to purchase individual books instead of the whole bundle. More information for this section will be added as we get it.
  • Forms: Two of the forms can now be completed online, they are the Student Information and Vehicle Registration form and the Student Alert Notification form. If you need to update your information, simply click on the URLs for the necessary form and complete them. All new students are expected to complete these forms.

We are still working on this and other processes for students, one of which is registration. We will notify students on Moodle once there is more information on these processes. 


Patrick Robrecht