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Cerner Training For All New And Returning Students Fall 2018

Cerner Training For All New And Returning Students Fall 2018

by Centra Moodle Admin -
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All students,

In addition to your annual eHealthcareIT training modules, all students are required to complete Cerner training before September 1st, 2018. Students who do not complete their Cerner training will NOT be allowed on clinical rotations. Instructions are attached on how to access your Cerner online training. This online training contain 27 modules can take roughly 6.5 hours to complete, so give yourself plenty of time to complete them. Again, this is in addition to your annual eHealthcareIT training. Your usernames, which you will use to access BOTH eHealthcareIT and Cerner online, will be sent out to you next week. If you are a returning student or currently work for Centra, you may already know your login information.

New Students: You will be receiving your eHealthcareIT/Cerner login in an email from eHealthcareIT next week.

Centra Employees: When checking your email next week for your eHealthcareIT login information, please check both your Centra Health work email and your school email. It will most likely be sent to your work email first, but check both just in case.

We will be sending out reminders and messages to you and your instructors as times gets closer to clinical rotations. If you have questions about access your account or completing your training, please contact the Centra Hospital Help Desk at (434)200-4848. These are requirements from the hospital, so any questions are to be directed to them.