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Additional Notes on Cerner Training

Additional Notes on Cerner Training

by Centra Moodle Admin -
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Dear Students,


Please review the following directions to assist you in completing your Cerner training. Contact info for eHealthcareIT and Cerner are at the bottom of this message. Please be aware that all of the eHealthcareIT information is also provided to you in the Student Resources page and only email individuals if it is a last resort.


  1. Students that are both employees and non-employees at CCON are to complete the “Acute RN Student” Cerner training before they enter classes on August 20th, 2018. This training is for ADN and LPN students only, this does not apply to new or existing RN-BSN students. Please follow the attached directions on how to access your Cerner Training through the PromisePoint website.

  2. Even if you are an employee at Centra, you are expected to also complete the “Acute RN Student” Cerner training along with any employee training you may have.

  3. Do not wait to receive a message from Cerner confirming that you have been enrolled. Use your eHealthcareIT username and check that you have the “Acute RN Student” training.

  4. To find your eHealthcareIT login information, look for an email either sent to your Centra Health email (employees only) or to your school issued email account. If you are a returning student, you will need to refer to a previous email from eHealthcareIT to access your username. Your previous accounts were activated and you will not be receiving a new email this semester.

  5. If you are unable to access your eHealthcareIT username, please click here to view a document explaining eHealthcare and click here for how to access your account if you not an employee. If all else fails, please contact and request your login information. 

  6. If you sign into PromisePoint and do not see the “Acute RN Student” Cerner training, please contact Rod Meek at and ask to have the Acute RN Student training added to your account. Please provide him your username when asking for the training.

Thank your for your patience and diligence in this matter. 



Patrick Robrecht