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Student Resources Documents

Student Resources Documents

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Time has flown by and we are less than one week away from the start of the 2018 Fall Semester!

Quick General Reminder: Those ADN and LPN students enrolled in the Fall 2018 semester are to have their eHealthcareIT 2018 Annual Mandatory Education and Cerner "Acute RN Student" training done before the start of classes. More information on both of these and who to contact for issues is on the Student Resources page under the "eHealthcareIT & Cerner" page.

Speaking of the Student Resources page, we've added two new documents to assist students this semester. One document is on registering and accessing ElSevier textbooks (document listed under the "Textbook Information" page). The second is information on the new Avenue C vending machines in the student lounge (located on the "Student IT Help" page). At this time, it is better to create an account and purchase food from the Canteen Connect & Pay app instead of creating an account and paying at the machine. For more information on Canteen's Avenue C vending, please visit the following sites:

Have a great week and we look forward to seeing everyone soon!
-Patrick Robrecht