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General Reminder

General Reminder

by Centra Moodle Admin -
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I'll get right to it.

eHealthcareIT and Cerner

  1. Do it.

  2. Access eHealthcareIT and Cerner using the same username.
    eHealthcareIT website:
    Cerner website:

  3. Students - Check your school issued email for your username and password. If you completed your eHealthcareIT last semester, you will not get another message this semester. You'll have to search back through messages to find your username.

  4. Students who are also Centra Employees - Your information could have been sent to either your email address or your email. Please check both accounts. Again, those who completed it last semester will have to search through previous messages to find their username.

  5. With Cerner, be sure to have the "Acute RN Student" training. Everybody: please check your Cerner completion status. There was one more module added yesterday and your status may now read as "incomplete". Cerner training has been extended to 9/1/18. Please have it completed by this date.

  6. Please check the Student Resource page for more information on eHealthcareIT and Cerner. More specific questions regarding either eHealthcareIT or Cerner can be directed to

Required Forms

New Students: Please complete the two electronic required forms on the Student Resource page and posted below. One is for our Student Records and the other is for the SendWord emergency alert system.

  1. Student Records:

  2. SendWord:
Returning Students: If your information such as an address, phone number, or name has changed, please complete the Student Records form above and select which option you need to complete. This applies to all students throughout their time at CCON when your information changes.

Have a great day!

-Patrick Robrecht