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All students have until September 28th to pay online in their Kaplan Account for Fall Semester.  We will receive a list of names from Kaplan on September 29th that have not paid and their Moodle Courses will be “locked” and their Kaplan access will be “deactivated”. 


The extension of time to pay online is to allow students  who are receiving financial aid disbursement checks.  This will allow them to receive the check, deposit the checks and pay their Kaplan account balance online. If a student has not yet met with Kyle Marrero in regard to financial aid, they should do so this week. 


When we receive the list of Kaplan “non-paid” students, on September 29th (will have list on October 1st since Sept 29th is a Saturday) the student will not be able to pay online but will have to call the customer service number for Kaplan and make payment via phone in order to have their Kaplan reactivate.  Payments via phone through customer service will not grant the student immediate access to Kaplan.  This usually can take up to 48 hrs for their Kaplan accounts to be reactivated.  Until we have Kaplan confirming student has paid, their Moodle course will remain “locked”.  Upon Kaplan sending an update of payment made the student Moodle Course will be “unlocked” for student access.


Taking the above into account, the student course/grades can be affected.