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Enrollment Spring 2019

Enrollment Spring 2019

by Paige Tucker -
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Attention PN and AD students,

You have been enrolled in your Spring 2019 courses. Please note a few things when looking at classes.

  • The schedules and courses you are enrolled in are for the classes only. Simulation and clinical schedules will be provided by the instructors during the first week of classes.  
  • Only the course times and locations are available to students at this time. Additional course materials and prep work before the first day of classes will be posted once instructors return from summer break.
  • If the course time you have been enrolled in is inconvenient for you and you wish to have a schedule change, we ask that you complete the attached form to request your course be changed. Please know that when filling this form out, you will need to find someone else who is willing to switch with you and it is not a guarantee you will get the course switched. Each request will be reviewed by the program’s director and students will be contacted if the request is approved.
  • Note: courses could change due to final Fall 2018 grades and Administrative discretion due to class sizes.