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eHeathcareIT OGO Spring 2019

eHeathcareIT OGO Spring 2019

by Centra Moodle Admin -
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Dear Students,

eHealthcareIT enrollment information has been process and sent to your email address. Please take a moment and read these instructions carefully as they have changed since last semester:

1.       All first-time ADN and LPN students will need to complete their eHealthcareIT OGO (On-line General Orientation) for Spring 2019 before clinical rotations start.

·         We set the deadline at the beginning of courses (January 14th, 2019) and your next orientation date will provide more information on this subject. We encourage you to sign-in and attempt to complete your training before your orientation, so you may discuss any questions with the representative.

·         RN-BSN students do not complete eHealthcareIT OGO training.

2.       If you completed your eHealthcareIT OGO for the Fall 2018 semester, you should have received an email to your account to complete your eHealthcareIT OGO for Spring 2019.

·         Don’t panic! If you’ve already completed your eHealthcareIT OGO for Fall 2018, please provide Patrick Robrecht ( with a screenshot or send the electronic transcript as an attachment.

·         Note: A completed eHealthcareIT OGO session is good for one year of classes. Meaning, if you completed your work in the Fall 2018 semester, you will not need to complete it again until the next Fall 2019 semester.

·         To access your completed transcript, perform the following:

                                                               i.      Within Centra: Visit CentraPeople (I need to find…) eHealthcareIT; log in with the account you completed your work with, go to “My Records”, select “Records/Transcripts”

                                                             ii.      Oustide Centra:

                                                           iii.      Outside Centra: from any internet accessible computer visit scroll to Employee & Visitors section; for Employee Links; eHealthcareIT

                                                           iv.      Log in with the account you completed your work with (work account or student account), go to “My Records”, select “Records/Transcripts”

                                                             v.      All: Find either the “Annual Mandatory Education” or the “Non-Employee On-Line General Orientation” and select the gear symbol next to the title and select “View Transcript Details”. You may provide a screen shot of those details or print out those details and provide them to the front office. I would prefer email if possible, save some trees.

3.       Students should have received emails from to their email address.

·         If you are also a Centra employee, you will not receive an email to your email address. If you’ve already completed your eHealthcareIT OGO for the Fall 2018 semester, again, provide us with proof of completion by taking a screenshot of your completed work or send an attachment to Patrick Robrecht.

4.       Where to go for questions about eHealthcareIT OGO:

·         For questions with your account such as resetting your password or with any eHealthcareIT system issues: Call the Centra Customer Support at 434-200-4848 providing your unique eHealthcareIT username and they will submit a ticket for research and resolution.

·         For submitting your already completed eHealthcareIT OGO from Fall 2018 for this Spring 2019 semester: Submit a screenshot or attach the completed transcript in an email and send it  to Patrick Robrecht at If you prefer to print out your completed transcript from Fall 2018, turn it into the front office and I will get it there.

Below this message are the standard eHealthcareIT documents that are provided in the eHealthcareIT email.

Have a happy 2019!

Non-Employee Access Navigate eHealthcareIT

Brochure eHealthcareIT