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ExamSoft Student Sign-Up

ExamSoft Student Sign-Up

by Centra Moodle Admin -
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This message is for all first and second semester students in the ADN and LPN programs for Spring 2019.

Starting this semester, we are using a new program for test taking called ExamSoft. Here are some things to know about the program:

  • This program will replace Scantron paper copy of tests and be completed on your iPads (again, this is only for students going into their first and second semesters in ADN and LPN for Spring 2019). 
  • To register, you will receive an email to your email from You will select the "Join Your Peers" link to complete your registration.
  • It will ask you to create a secure password. Please note that we at CCON are not able to reset passwords if you forget them. If you forget your password, you will have to work with ExamSoft and have them send you an email to your account. This can be done on the Examplify app by selecting "Forgot User ID / Password?" at the bottom of the login screen and submitting your email address.
  • Download the program on your iPads called Examplify on the Apple App Store.
  • In the drop-down for Institutions, type in "Centra" and "Centra College of Nursing" will appear, select it.
  • Your username/Student ID is already set for you as the first part of your email (the part before the @ symbol). You'll use that to log into your account after finishing your registration.

Your instructors will provide more information about test taking during the first few weeks of classes.