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Student Portal Information

Student Portal Information

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This message is for all active ADN, LPN, and all RN-BSN students:

An email was just sent out informing students of their Student Portal access. The Student Portal is a new program we are starting to use this semester and it allows students to perform various tasks: such as check their final grades or make billing payments online. Please know that we are still working on this site and some features may not be available at this time. If a student wishes to accept their Financial Aid rewards, they must have completed the "Electronic Signature Consent Form" via DocuSign that Kyle Marrero will be sending out. DocuSign allows you to sign the document electronically and will be sent back to Kyle Marrero. That document will be sent out soon to your emails.

For more help regarding the Student Portal, please see the help guide posted on the Student Resource page under the Student IT Help section. You can also contact me for more help with your account.

Patrick Robrecht