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Competency Fair Infection Prevention

Competency Fair Infection Prevention

by Hillary Yeatts -
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Attendance at ONE of these sessions is strongly encouraged for all nursing students.

Hello Students!

In an effort to help improve the safety of the care delivered to our Centra patients, our Centra clinical staff are currently participating in a mandatory infection prevention skills fair.

We are now inviting your instructors and students to attend our 2019 Centra Infection Prevention Competency Fair. The fair began this past Tuesday, August 20 and runs through Friday, September 20. The purpose of this classroom event is to validate competency of staff related to basic infection prevention practices.  We need this competency to extend to any faculty and students in our facilities.

Objectives of the Fair:

• Demonstrate appropriate hand hygiene technique

• Recognize proper isolation precautions 

• Demonstrate appropriate donning and doffing of personal protective equipment (PPE)

• Describe proper use and disposal of single use items

• Demonstrate proper cleaning and disinfection of medical equipment

Infection Prevention Competency