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Infection Prevention Competency Fair 2019

Infection Prevention Competency Fair 2019

by Hillary Yeatts -
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Important information for your instructors and students prior to attending the Mandatory Infection Prevention Competency Fair 2019.

Helpful Tips!

Our goal is to assess compliance of the attendees.  It is not a time for us to teach them basic infection prevention practices.  All staff and non-employees (instructors/students) are encouraged to review the documentation prior to attending the Competency Fair.  If they come unprepared, they are to be instructed to step out of line and review the videos or documentation available on-site.  We are also assessing compliance with our fingernail policy. Attendees in violation of the nail policy are not to be checked off for Hand Hygiene until they are in compliance. They will have to return another day to complete the skills fair.

Please watch the following videos before attending. (This will shorten the length of the fair for you)

Glucometer cleaning video:

Pre-cleanse of ENY/Cysto Equipment Video:

Please review the following items as well

Link to Competency (Please print and bring with you) -

Link to Competency Fair Infection Powerpoint (Please review) -

Link to Fingernail Policy (Please review) -

Attached in the Infection Prevention Schedule

Attendees will need to bring their badges, which will be scanned and used to track attendance at each session.

Please review and disperse the attached resources:

1. “Fingernails long and Artificial” flyer.

2. “Competency Fair Infection Prevention” book preview to review some of the information that will be covered during the fair

3. “Infection Prevention Fair Schedule.” There is no registration required for the Infection Prevention Competency Fair.

4. “Annual Competency Assessment Form for Centra Staff for 2019 Infection Control” form- This includes competencies that will be demonstrated at the fair and demonstration videos that should be reviewed prior to attending the fair.