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Apple iOS Update This Month

Apple iOS Update This Month

by Centra Moodle Admin -
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This message is for all active students who are required to have iPads for class.


I want you to be aware that Apple has announced their latest iOS and it will be released sometime this month. With the excitement of new functionality and a better user experience can also cause application issues. ExamSoft, the maker of the Examplify testing app, has issued the following statement: 

"Apple is expected to release new versions of their Mac and iPad operating systems later this month. While Apple has not yet announced official release dates, we are working to ensure minimum disruption to you and your students as these new operating systems are released.

iOS 13
We expect that we will be able to support iOS 13 with the current version of Examplify for iPad (v. 3.7.0). Upon official release, additional testing will be completed and a formal announcement will be delivered to all institutions that utilize our iPad application notifying them of support.[...]

As with any new operating system, exam takers should NOT update until ExamSoft announces official support for the operating system and the Minimum System Requirements are updated."

Please take heed of this warning. We ask that you not upgrade to the latest iOS sent out by Apple this month until Examplify and the other applications you use for class have released their own updates. You'll know an application is compatible with the latest iOS by checking the app's release notes. It will typically say the upgrade is to comply with the latest iOS.

I'll be keeping track of any developments on this and will send out information when needed. If any of you have questions with this or would like help with upgrading and maintaining your iPad, please let me know.

Have a great day!
Patrick Robrecht