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    TEEMS Making life Easier - Booking a Room/Space

    by Tracey Pitts -

    From Monday 23rd May 2022 

    You will be able to book a space/desk in the college so that you know you have a spot to work from when you need it!

    ​Download the TEEMs app Blue square with two lowercase e's back to back, symbolising the TEEM App to your phone and follow the attached instructions

    If you have any issues please call 4848 and don't forget to get a call reference number!!

    Students testing on iPads will need to update to iPad OS 14 or higher.

    by Centra Moodle Admin -

    Good Morning Students, 

    Students testing on iPads will need to update to iPad OS 14 or higher. There are about 40 students who are currently running iPad OS 13 – please if You know you are one of those 40 Students prompt to update to OS 14. To avoid issues in the upcoming test.  Thank you. 

    if you don’t know how to do it here are the steps!

    How do I get iOS 14 on my iPad?

    How to download and install iOS 14, iPad OS via Wi-Fi

    1. On your iPad, go to Settings > General > Software Update. …
    2. Tap Download and Install.
    3. Your download will now start. …
    4. When the download is complete, tap Install.
    5. Tap Agree when you see Apple’s Terms and Conditions.

       Victor Villalta 
    Centra College IT

    Summer 2022 Financial Arrangement Deadline and Payment Plan Application

    by Carolyn Jennings -

    The Summer 2022 Financial Arrangement Deadline is May 2 and the Centra College Payment Plan Application is now open for students to apply for up to a three-month payment plan.

    For students who have remaining balances after all other payments and financial aid applied must complete one of the following actions prior to May 2

    • Pay Tuition and Fees in Full
    • Payment Plan Application submitted
      • Payment plans will be for the current overall balance showing in Student Portal under My Ledger
      • The Centra College Payment Plan Application link is located on Moodle Homepage directly below Student Services Office Hours and Contact Info.

    If Payment Plan Application is approved, a $25 payment plan fee will be applied to the student’s account for the semester and a Payment Plan Agreement (PPA) will be sent to the student through DocuSign detailing the terms and payment amounts. All payments, including the initial payment, can be made through the Student Portal under My Ledger. The Student Portal link is located on the left task bar of the Moodle Homepage under Centra Links.

    For additional information regarding payment plans, please contact


    Next release of Examplify for iPad, version 4.5.

    by Centra Moodle Admin -
    Dear, Students and Faculty

    We are preparing the next release of Examplify for iPad, version 4.5. 

    Please note, this release will only be compatible with iPad OS 14 and higher. We will continue to support Examplify version 4.4 for users on iPadOS 13.

    This release is expected to be available in the App Store within a week and will contain improvements to the UI of Examplify’s essay editor such as:

    • Realigned and resized toolbar buttons to distribute items more proportionately, making it easier to select formatting options such as font type and bold.
    • Maintaining the font type within the essay editor while a question or assessment-level attachment is open.
    • Widening the font columns so that size choices appear as numbers instead of ellipses. 
    • The essay character limit will be visible to exam-takers above the essay response box upon navigating to the essay question, rather than only after they begin typing their essay answer.

    This release will also include support for hyperlinks in non-secure exams. This will allow links added to pre-assessment notices, question stems, or answer choices to open in a separate window during a non-secure exam.

    Additionally, some exam-takers may have received a message during exams with attachments about a tampered file. This message was incorrect and not indicative of the exam-taker tampering with files. The new message will read, “Unable to access exam file. Exam will close.” 

    Please reach out to your Client Success Manager with any questions.



    The ExamSoft Team

       Victor Villalta 
    Centra College IT

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