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Name Title Phone Email
Yancey, Stefanie Faculty 434.200.5631 stefanie.yancey@centracollege.edu
Ward, Jill Faculty 434.200.7031 jill.ward@centracollege.edu
Rogers, Cheryl Faculty 434.200.7039 cheryl.rogers@centracollege.edu
Carmody, Kelly Faculty 434-200-7036 kelly.carmody@centracollege.edu
Campbell, Laura Faculty 434.200.5565 laura.campbell@centracollege.edu
Staton, Meghan Faculty 434.200.7034 meghan.staton@centracollege.edu
King, Lauryn Faculty 434-200-2630 lauryn.king@centracollege.edu
Wilmer, Alisa Faculty 434-200-7044 alisa.wilmer@centracollege.edu
Patton, Amy Faculty 434.200.5967 amy.patton@centracollege.edu
Wells, Tiffany Faculty 434-200-7390 tiffany.wells@centracollege.edu