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Name Title Phone Email
Sibcy, Lory Faculty 434-200-7043 lory.sibcy@centracollege.edu
Dudley, Roxanne Faculty 434-200-7038 roxanne.dudley@centracollege.edu
Martin, Haley Faculty 434.200.2035 haley.martin@centracollege.edu
Eden, Megan Faculty 434-200-7618 megan.eden@centracollege.edu
Bowles, Debbie Volunteer ccvolunteer@centracollege.edu
Huffer, Sarah Academic Director, PN Programs 434.200.3992 sarah.huffer@centracollege.edu
Newcomb, Valerie Nurse Aide Program Coordinator 434.200.2234 valerie.newcomb@centracollege.edu
Klous, Guin Financial Aid & Compliance Officer 434.200.7025 guin.klous@centracollege.edu
Slagle, Patrick Director of Business Operations 434.200.7614 patrick.slagle@centracollege.edu
Jennings, Carolyn Bursar & Student Account Manager 434.200.3071 carolyn.jennings@centracollege.edu